About Us

Welcome to Darn Happy Coffee!  Thanks for stopping by!

DHC was created from our love of great coffee, and our desire to provide great fresh roasted coffee directly to you to brew at home!

And additionally, DHC was created to help out the causes of Brain Injury Awareness, Suicide Prevention, and Mental Health.  As such, a minimum of 10% of DHC profits will be donated to various organizations that support those causes.  Check out our current Causes page to see where you're helping, while drinking great coffee!  This is a dynamic page, that will grow and change as we do.  If you have a suggestion for an organization that matches our goals, let us know!  Just go to the Contact page, and give us a shout!

Why these causes you ask?  Well, clearly they are important in today's world.  Additionally, we have been touched personally with them.  I can't explain it any better than you checking out that story yourself at www.lizstellaford.com

Enjoy Great Coffee & Support Great Causes!